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0000009GeneralFunctionspublic2018-07-04 16:52
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Summary0000009: Issue with authentication and account linking
DescriptionI am trying to add the account linking feature into the skill. I am using the below function for linking the account.

sdk.conversationHelper.EnterPINCode(context, req, res, callback);

This works fine, Until it prompts for PIN. When the bot request the pin , the user enters the pin when was entered during the account linking process. But something fails at this point and prompts a message "something went wrong".

Request you to kindly help me in this issue.

Steps To Reproducepaste the below code for an intent

sdk.conversationHelper.EnterPINCode(context, req, res, callback);

Additional InformationI want to successfully account link the skill so that i have the account data handy during the flow of skill.
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has duplicate 0000010 new Issue with authentication and account linking 


2018-07-04 16:50

administrator   ~0000012

Are you using the provided OAuth server?

Have you tried adding an "Enter PIN Code" intent? It's under account (when you add a new intent). It will handle the pin code logic for you.

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