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0000004GeneralChatbot Widgetpublic2018-05-14 07:30
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Target VersionFixed in Version2018-05-13 
Summary0000004: Uncategorized text is added to the autocomplete sentences
DescriptionWhen a user types an uncategorized text is added to the autocomplete sentences.
Steps To ReproduceFor example, I have an intent for "why did my rates increase?" I typed in the bot "why did my pizza increase" and now it shows as a predictive response. But obviously, I don't want that.
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2018-05-01 19:30

administrator   ~0000005

The user-generated text is added only to the specific user list, not to all the users
We will add an option to disable this feature, and later an option that will selectively add only successful sentences.

2018-05-14 07:29

administrator   ~0000010

Added option to disable this option in V 0.1.46

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