Add Conversational capabilities to your Microsoft Bot

chen CodeProject, Tutorials August 9, 2018

Microsoft Bot Framework can help you to build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots to naturally interact with your users on a website, app, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to connect the Microsoft Bot Framework to your omni-channel conversational application, and reuse the code and data created for your Amazon Alexa skills, and Google Home actions to other channels supported by the Microsoft Bot Framework.

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Create Skills for Echo Devices With a Screen

chen CodeProject, Tutorials April 24, 2018

Echo devices with a screen, such as Echo Show and Echo Spot, allow developers to create skills for Alexa that use both screen and voice interaction. The screen displays and interactions are created with the use of templates. In this tutorial, we will extend the voice response wit ha graphical rich text response, that will be displayed when the user accesses the application from an Alexa device with a screen.

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A/B Testing

chen CodeProject, Tutorials January 24, 2018

A/B testing of conversational applications; Alex skills, Google Home actions or a chatbot, is a method of comparing two versions of the app against each other to determine which one performs better. AB testing is essentially an experiment where two or more variants of answers are returned to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.

In this tutorial, we will learn how you can use Optimizely to test different versions of your conversational application, how we can fetch the experiment data from Optimizely and use it to test the different the response options.

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The anatomy of a modern conversational application

chen Articles, CodeProject October 25, 2017

Chatbots, Voicebots, Alexa skills, Google actions, intelligent assistants – different, yet possess a single common denominator – they’re conversational apps.


the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.

Underlying every conversational app is the exchange of words – between humans and machines. Today’s technology is mature enough to create high-level conversation, using broadly available building blocks.

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