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CONVERSATION.ONE BLOG is Amazon Alexa-Certified for Financial Institutions

chen PR June 18, 2018

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Alexa skills, Google Home actions, FB messenger bots, intelligent assistants – the world of conversational interfaces is booming. In parallel, banks and credit unions seek to improve customer service while reducing their high call center personnel costs. However, a lack of skills and knowledge in this new, dynamic market makes it almost impossible for businesses to embrace these trends. is partnering with Amazon Alexa to allow small-medium financial institutions to launch their Alexa skills in a secure and sustainable way. (PRNewsfoto/

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Connecting LivePerson with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and a chatbot

chen Tutorials June 8, 2018

Being able to serve customers automatically using a chatbot or a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or the Google home is great, however, what will you do when our bot can’t handle the customer’s intent or message? To handle the cases where your bot does not understand, or can’t handle the user’s request, provides you the ability to handover the user to a human agent, using an integrated LivePerson – Alexa, Google Home, and a chatbot deployment.

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Alexa, Ask First Abilene FCU for my Balance!

chen PR May 15, 2018

Texas, May 14, 2018: First Abilene Federal Credit Union has launched its Amaz


on Alexa Skill and Google Home Action to provide its members with advanced voice experience to check their account balances, review recent transactions, locate branches and ATMs, connect to their contact center, or get the most up-to-date loan rates by simply talking to Alexa and Google.




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Create Skills for Echo Devices With a Screen

chen CodeProject, Tutorials April 24, 2018

Echo devices with a screen, such as Echo Show and Echo Spot, allow developers to create skills for Alexa that use both screen and voice interaction. The screen displays and interactions are created with the use of templates. In this tutorial, we will extend the voice response wit ha graphical rich text response, that will be displayed when the user accesses the application from an Alexa device with a screen.

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Sanity test for conversational applications

chen Articles, Tutorials March 28, 2018

A sanity test should quickly evaluate if our application answers a specific set of questions as expected. The point of a sanity test is to rule out certain classes of obviously false results, not to catch every possible error. A rule-of-thumb may be checked to perform the test. The advantage of a sanity test, over performing a complete or rigorous test, is speed.

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Build a Conversational Phone Assistant

chen Tutorials March 19, 2018

We all love talking to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but what happens when we are away from home or our desk? With you can develop a Conversational Phone Assistant, which provides a comparable experience to Amazon Alexa and Google Home but on the phone. Your users would be able to call a dedicated phone number and ask for information using a flexible natural conversation.

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