Chatbot AI is the Next Step in Home Automation

Lisa Sitwell Articles August 20, 2018

Home automation has come a long way since its inception. While many of its functions were very basic in the past, today you can enjoy a lot of convenience like never before, saving you time and even money for daily tasks, chores, or even just entertainment.

Here is what you should know about chatbot AI and how to take advantage of it:

Thermostats and Temperature Control

Home automation is rapidly becoming commonplace, and now smart thermostats respond to voice commands. This means you could be in the kitchen while your thermostat is in the hallway and you can turn up the heat or the AC with a few words in seconds.

You can also make the AI respond to your input through your phone or tablet while you are away. Imagining leaving vacation and realizing you need to turn down the temperature. It’s now possible like never before.

Lighting and Entertainment Modules

Everyone loves to curl up with their family on the couch and enjoy a good movie. However, sometimes it is really annoying to get up and lose the comfort when you have to adjust lighting or sound. Instead, let chatbots hear your voice or listen to your command via a phone to adjust everything you want without you having to get up at all. They could even provide you with entertainment upon command.

Searching and Ordering

Getting a new item you saw on tv can be easier than ever before. Simply type it into your chatbot AI and let it search the web and order the device for you. You can even sync up your credit card so it happens instantly. Next thing you know, the item is at your door.


Security is of the utmost importance. That is why home automation should include security chatbots in your home to ensure that you have that area of your life covered. From locking the doors to turning on alarms, AI can help you automate this so in the event of an emergency everything works just like it’s supposed to. For instance, if there is a flood in the basement, AI can be connected to a sensor that then alerts the central system to keep you from losing valuables.

When it comes to technology, it should be something that improves your life, not makes it more difficult. Luckily, that is the case with modern chatbots. They allow you to get more out of your time so you can enjoy it with friends and family. So consider creating chatbots for the above functions and embrace home automation to the fullest.

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