Meet your fellow developers!

Rachel Batish Uncategorized July 13, 2018

Name: Ken Sakal

Company: VOHESU

City, state: Orlando, FL

Q: Are you a marketer/ developer/ other? (if other, please state what):

A: Developer

Q: How long have you been using C1?

A: I have been using C1 for about 6 months now. I have looked at several other Alexa Skill Development software and C1 is the only one that provides this level of functionality on a free platform.

Q: What application/s were you building so far?

A: I have built and published a skill for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients to receive information on their diagnosis and prescribed drug.

Q: Can you summarize the experience in 1-2 sentences?

A: C1 provides the ability to quickly and easily build and publish skills. It also gives you the ability to add in more complex functionality, even code to build out the most sophisticated solutions.

Q: What’s the one thing you like most about C1?

A: Many of the new features I look for are in the works or in the software even before I ask for them!