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No programming, no coding nor complex integration is required

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How Does It work? 

Interaction module

Facilitates the conversation between the end user and the organization. In connecting with the organization from any voice or chat service, the end user is activating an action that must be fulfilled.

Abstraction Module

Simplifies the implementation of the apps’ business logic across different voice and chat services by creating an abstract layer that translates the requests into a single business logic which then connects with the organizations’ API.


Web 2 API Module

Provides organizations with a quick and simple way to build their APIs. The Web2API module converts web application into a set of modern web APIs, with simple jQuery coding, and no back-end access or intrusion.

Security SSO

To ensure authentication & authorization processes are secured, the security module includes a secure storage feature that safeguards the customer’s data and a 2-factor authentication layer whenever accessing the conversational app.






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  • Build Alexa skills, Google actions, bots and FB messenger bots
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  • User ready-made backend connectors, or connect to your own APIs
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Standard support

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